How far ahead should I reserve for the photoshoot? How long before I receive the album?

To have enough time to prepare for the boudoir experience, including the pre-photoshoot consultation and perhaps shopping for 1-2 lingerie outfits, etc., it is recommended to reserve at least 3-4 weeks before the desired date. The album is usually ready 3-4 weeks after the photoshoot. This time period includes photo editing, scheduling a viewing session to select your favorite images, the album preparation, your approval of the album, its printing, and its delivery.

Romantic, Sexy, Naughty

“Would it be possible to include artistic nudity as part of my photoshoot?” or “I would prefer suggestive poses rather than revealing ones, is that possible?” Yes, it is possible! Boudoir photography includes a range of styles, from romantic to sexy and naughty. You define how you want to bring your sensuality and femininity to light. During the pre-photoshoot session, we’ll discuss your level of comfort with nudity, the desired images, etc. We’ll make sure you are comfortable with the poses as well throughout the photoshoot. It is also possible to include more than one style in a photoshoot.

Do I need to be sexy, fit and have modeling experience to book a boudoir photoshoot?

No, you only need to be yourself! Boudoir photography celebrates femininity, and femininity comes in different shapes, colors, and ages. Où est la Femme? Vous êtes la Femme! Sublime, always.

When and where are the photoshoots?

The photoshoot takes place in an elegant hotel room in downtown Montreal. The room is selected according to your personality and availability for the selected date. As natural light is used, photoshoots are scheduled during day light. On average, a photoshoot lasts approximately 3 hours, including hair and makeup.

Who will be there during the photoshoot? Can I bring a friend?

The boudoir experience takes place in an intimate, secure, and women-only setting. You can bring a female friend to the hotel room for the preparation, hair and makeup. Once the hair and makeup are completed, there will remain only the two of us during the creative process.

Is it necessary to have a hair and makeup artist?

« I love doing my own makeup… » or « I usually do not wear makeup. Can we skip hair and makeup? » The makeup required to create a glamour effect in front of a camera is different from a day-to-day makeup. During the pre-photoshoot consultation, we’ll discuss the desired look and feel to create, and we will also discuss with the makeup artist on the day of the photoshoot. Hair and makeup created by a professional are part of the boudoir experience!

What is your view of photo editing?

The boudoir experience brings women’s natural beauty to light. Photo editing aims at enhancing your self image, not distort it or misrepresent you. It is going to be you… the sublime you! Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss more.

Will my images remain confidential?

Before, during, and after the photoshoot, the boudoir experience remains confidential, including the images. I alone view and edit your images. They are sent to a professional, high-standard lab for printing. Only you can publish your images or give a written consent to the photographer to do so.

Can I publish my images without any restrictions?

All packages include a USB key with digital images of your album, with signature and ready for use on the WEB. As these images are part of an artistic work, we kindly ask that you use them without altering their color, size, etc. The printed images are provided without signature.

What is your cancelation/reimbursement policy?

Once the session deposit is received, a date is reserved for you, including services of a hair and makeup artist and a hotel room. A $250 charge will apply if the photoshoot needs to be cancelled after the pre-photoshoot consultation. However, it is possible to reschedule the photoshoot at no additional cost if the cancellation is made at least a week before the initial date. The photo album and other prints will require your approval before they are sent out for publishing and they will be non-refundable.

I am ready for a boudoir experience with Sublime Always, what should I do?

Contact-me to reserve your photoshoot date and let me know what motivates you for a boudoir experience. I look forward to guiding you and sharing this extraordinary experience with you!